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The Women & Horses Newsletter - October 2001
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Women and Horses Newsletter, October 2001 ~~~~~~~From Mary D. Midkiff~~~~~~~
Dear Horse Friends:  

All of us are working through the tragedies resulting from the 
attack on our country on September 11.  My husband and I, like 
many of you, watched television in disbelief as the events un-
folded. Around 2 p.m., however, I chose to go to the barn. There 
were only a few of us there and we were going through the motions 
like zombies, but there was also a certain peacefulness which 
surrounded us. Theo's eyes always adjust me toward a sense of 
comfort and familiarity. She softens my soul.

From that unforgettable day forward, and I feel sure for many
weeks and months ahead, each one of us can look to our horse(s)
for comfort, guidance and perspective. Your horse doesn't know
or worry about terrorists or national safety or plane crashes 
or even what will come tomorrow. They live in the present and 
are comforted by your voice, hands and simply your presence.  
The simple things in life, sunshine, thirst quenching rains, 
fragrant hay, green and gold pastures, stretching their limbs
and napping with friends are what matter.

We can take stock in our lives through our horses. We should be 
grateful to them for always providing us with a place to go 
spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

My sincerest wishes of peace and love go out to all of you and 
your horses during these difficult and confusing times.  

Mary D. Midkiff
           Women have a special magic with horses...

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