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Women & Horses by Mary D. Midkiff - horseback riding fitness techniques for women

Women & Horses, knowledge for the female equestrian; female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

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Mary D. Midkiff Welcomes YouThank you for checking out Women & Horses™.The New Year is at hand and I feel a real sense of renewal and joy ahead.

I love receiving your feedback from using The InBalance Horse oil blend. It is such a healthy, natural and simple solution to calming and focusing your horses. It is my intention to provide helpful resources and information as well as useful products to help you create and deepen the bond with your horses.

I love hearing from you sharing your experiences with your horses. So many of you continue to write about the calming effects you are seeing with race horses, mares, pleasure horses, mules and a variety of breeds and ages.

Listed below are our Women & Horses products to help you on your way to a very Happy New Year!

The InBalance Horse essential oil blend is now available in a 1 oz. size. We added Sweet Almond Oil for quicker absorption and I have not had any freezing issues with it in very cold temperatures. This oil blend continues to be successful in relaxing, calming and focusing horses. It teaches them to release and let go of tension and emotions. CLICK HERE

The Focused Horse DVD will show you how to use it and how it works. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION

The Focused Horse: Maximizing Training, Performance and Enjoyment with Your Horse is a 26 minute DVD that provides 5 steps to help you focus you and your horse.

  • Step One, Focus Yourself gives a brief reminder to let go, take a deep breath and get rid of distractions before you meet your horse;
  • Step Two, Aromatherapy is all about how to use The InBalance Horse essential oil blend;
  • Step Three, Mouth Massage demonstrates how to release endorphins;
  • Step Four, Acupressure provides a few key points to help release and relax your horse;
  • Step Five, Saddle Fit, compares English and Western saddle fit for the female rider and her horse.

The InBalance Horse Essential Oil for Horses OnlyI have been using The InBalance Horse for several years now and am always amazed how well it works. I store it in my grooming kit as a part of my grooming regimen. I simply take a damp cloth and wipe out my horse's nostrils clearing out any dirt or crud, apply a few drops of the oil blend into the palm of my hand, rub my hands together, then rub my hands around my horse's nostrils and muzzle. You can also perform mouth massage with the oils on your hands.

Sign up for my free newsletter and follow my journey with our horses. They all get the oil blend, body work and energy support every day. Doesn't she deserve it? Doesn't your horse?

I have also been using The InBalance Horse at all of my clinics and demonstrations with great success. I have not found one horse yet that did not benefit from the aromatherapy it provides. It is an amazing tool for you to have and your horse will love you for it.

The InBalance Horse oil blend works in many ways. First, the aromatherapy from the oil ingredients filter up through the nasal cavity directly into the brain and begin a positive shift.

Mary with RitaSecondly, the oils work through the skin and into the blood stream bringing herbal healing qualities to all of the body systems.

A third benefit, The InBalance Horse has a natural insecticide in it to help you out in the hot weather months.

And finally, if you find your horse has a swelling or sore spot, rub some of the oil blend on your hands and massage it into the affected area. It immediately starts working in through the skin and into the blood supply to help heal and relieve pain.

The InBalance Horse is beautifully and safely packaged in a purple velvet drawstring pouch with a "ingredients and how to use" card tucked inside.

Other W&H products include the books: "Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian" (Macmillan), "She Flies Without Wings: How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul" (Delacourte).

I hope you enjoy and continue to find the Women & Horses products useful and beneficial to you and your horses.

Happy Shopping! and please contact me if you have any questions. I love hearing from you and your horses.

Best Wishes,

P.S. The Dynamic Rider System (DRS) is no longer available for sale, but the DRS 1 and 2 pamphlets are now included, upon request, as a free bonus on all orders for oils, DVD and books (while supplies last).

Books by Mary D. Midkiff | Essential Oils for the Horse | The Focused Horse DVD

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