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Women & Horses by Mary D. Midkiff - horseback riding fitness techniques for women

Horse training by Mary D. Midkiff. Transition and transformational horse traing by expert horse trainer and author Mary Midkiff.

Transition and Transformation Horse Training, Therapy, Healing and Rehabilitation

  • Race horses, Show Horses, Sport Horses, Pleasure and Trail Horses
  • Weanlings, Yearlings (Pre and post-sales preparation toward their career)
  • Starting young horses and taking them up to full training
  • Horses with mental, emotional, hormonal and behavioral issues
  • Horses with injuries
  • Horses with sensitive and difficult digestive and nervous issues
  • Difficult, angry, irritable fillies and mares (specialty area)
  • Converting race horses to pleasure horses
  • Starting horses over jumps and cross country
  • Freshening, rest or a vacation
  • Bringing rescued horses to health and usefulness


  • All horses personally handled, treated, supervised and provided therapy by intuitive holistic trainer and healer Mary Midkiff along with her personally trained assistants.
  • Clients save money by avoiding top dollar daily fees at the racetrack or show barn while a horse is in rehabilitation or needs time off from full training.
  • All horses fed, handled and trained on an individual basis which leads to less time off, less money spent away from training and quicker healing process.
  • All horses fed naturally with 100% certified organic feed and supplements, herbal therapy and probiotic support as needed, organic hay and specialty hays as needed. Horses fed at least 3 times daily with proper amounts adjusted to their weight, size, activity level and temperament. Unless the horse has an overweight issue, most horses will have hay available free choice in their stalls. Minerals will be offered to horses weekly or as they need it. Deep-mined natural rock salt will be available 24/7.
  • All horses provided with daily mental and emotional calming and balancing therapies, handling and training.
  • All horses will receive the most natural existence as possible with small meals often, turn out, exercise, hand walking and grazing.
  • Your horse may be with us for 30-60 days for freshening and detox, or with us for rehabilitation 3, 6 or 9 month cycle depending on the severity of their issues and veterinary recommendations.

Mary Midkiff is based in Louisville, KY.

Phone 502-552-1195.

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